Screen Printing & Iron On


We've been screen printing for 38 years!! 
What we offer
1. Iron-On services for your design if you need 1 - 10 items.
2. Screen Printing services for anything that is 10+  items.
Please place your order a week or two in advance of when you need the project done, as both Screen Printing and Iron-On projects take time.
Please also allow this extra time if you want us to order the Shirts, Sweaters, or other clothing items that you would like your design on. 
What is Iron-On?
Iron-On is a service where your entire design, or various pieces of it, will be traced onto and cut out of rolls of colored material and then is heat sealed to the fabric.
For example: This South Bison head and the Coaches names were Ironed On.
What is Screen Printing?
Screen Printing is a service where a design is separated by its colors onto different screens and is then printed onto the shirt with the appropriate color inks, after that it is dried and cured in an oven.
Example: These designs were Screen Printed on
What things can I get Screen Printed??
  • Team Sports Shirts           (Volleyball, Soccer, Basketball, etc...)
  • Race Shirts                       (5k's, 10k's, Trail races, Fun Runs.)
  • Fundraiser Shirts               
  • Running Group Shirts       
  • Business Logo's
  • Church Groups
  • Camps
  • Fun Sayings or Quotes
  • In Memory-of Shirts
Pricing will be individual to the job, and includes a number of variable factors.
Factors that figure in: 
1. Whether or not the design has more than one color
4. Whether we are ordering the desired garments for you or not.
2. Only a 1 location logo ( i.e. back logo only, pocket logo only)
3. Both front AND back logo's 
4. Size of the logo, the bigger it is, the more it will cost.
4. Timing; if it's a super rushed job we may charge a rush fee.
Please visit us in store to place any orders.
Please visit with Marlene for large Screen Printing jobs, and visit with Liberty for any smaller Iron-On projects.
We look forward to working with you!!
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