Gait Analysis

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Foot of the Rockies has been proudly serving Cheyenne and it's surrounding areas since 1985. 

If you want your gait analyzed, we are here for you!


Why get your gait analyzed:

  • To know what shoe is best for you.
  • To determine the best shoe for any injuries, surgeries, or pain.


What to expect:

  • We will put you in a neutral running shoe.
  • We will video you from the back, running on the treadmill.
  • We will analyze how you move.
  • We will analyze how you track.
  • We will analyze how you land.
  • We will analyze whether your hips and shoulders are level or not.
  • Based on the information we gain, we will make the best recommendations we can on what shoes would be best for your individual needs.

We are not a medical diagnosis facility in any way. However, we are able, through years of experience and runner knowledge, to give you insight into how you are running, moving and landing, and are able to make recommendations on what shoes would best support your specific needs.

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