Letterman Jackets

YES!   We Sell Letterman Jackets!!!



We offer Letterman Jackets for Cheyenne and the surrounding areas.

Featured Schools Include:

  • East High 
  • Central High
  • South High
  • Burns
  • Pine Bluffs

Jacket prices based on Sleeve options:   

  • One Color Sleeve: $189.95
  • Bi or Tri-Color Sleeve: $199.95 (Custom placing, if special ordered)


  • Range: XS - 4XL
  • Per X size beyond XL - $19.95 (extra) 
  • 2" of length added/removed on sleeves and body - $19.95 (extra)
  • 4" of length added  on sleeves and body - 20 % of Jacket price (extra)

Customized options are available on:

  • Collar and cuff patterns 
  • Snap/Button colors
  • Single or dual pocket colors 

Specialty Options:

  • Sweater - $109.95
  • Sailor Collar, No Zip - $24.95 (extra)
  • Divided Hood, Zip - $29.95 (extra)
  • Sailor Collar Zip - $29.95 (extra)


Unfortunately the jacket ordering process is a bit too complex to offer these  services through our website at this time, simply because of all of the customization options available. We highly recommend that the students come in and try the jackets on in person to ensure the correct sizing. 

Two ways to purchase a Jacket:

  1. If you find a jacket in store that is the correct size and has all of the desired colors and features, it can be purchased straight off the rack.
  2. If you need a jacket with 2 - 4" of added body or sleeve length, or different sleeve, pocket, and snap colors, or a different hood, collar, or cuff pattern. These jacket orders will simply need to be placed, in store, as a special order. And can take up to 6 - 8 weeks before they come in.


There are 3 parts to the Letterman Jacket process:

1. The Jacket purchase itself. (In store or special order)

2. Order the Chenille patches

These are the patches that are on the jacket. These include the name, the year and any back patches of activities that you lettered in (i.e. Drill Team, Choir, Academics, Football)

Patches:          ___    ____1 Felt _ 2 Felts_

  • Name                       - $11       - $15
  • 2 Digit Year              - $5         - $8
  • 4 Digit Year              - $7         - $10
  • 1 Word                     - $15       - $20
  • 2 Words 1 Patch      - $25       - $30
  • 3 Words 1 Patch      - $35       - $40

We also offer Embroidery: Pricing is dependent on the project.

3. Sewing the patches onto the jacket

We send the jackets to our seamstress. She offers these services through our store, but this is her own business entity, so she charges separately for her services. Please pay these fees in store via cash or check.


Have any Questions? Please call our store: 307-778-7866 


Proudly serving the Cheyenne and surrounding areas since 1985

Thank you for your business!!!



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