Running/Training Locations Around Cheyenne

Running Locations

Are you new to town and curious of where to get your daily fix of cardio? If you are like us in the store, you need options to keep runs fresh and relaxing. Check out the following pictures of locations around Cheyenne that can help you get those miles in and one step closer to achieving your goals!

Cheyenne Greenway

Like many, your schedule is probably congested with commitments and bills to pay. For those that have limited time but still need to get some cardio in, look no further than Cheyenne's own greenway. The Cheyenne Greenway can take you to a variety of locations around Cheyenne from local parks to Sloan Lake. It's easily accessible and allows you to get those miles in on short notice. 

Greenway Map

Greenway Interactive Map Link


Lions Park

Carey Avenue at 8th Avenue

Cheyenne, WY 82001

(307) 637-6423

Not only is Lions Park home to over half of the local 5K/10K races, it's also a nice place to get some training miles in as well. You can stick to the traditional cement paths or run along them on the dirt paths that run along them. Lions Park is an ideal location to get those easy runs or up-tempo intervals done.


Curt Gowdy State Park

1264 Granite Springs Road, Visitors' Center

Cheyenne, WY 82009 

(307) 632-7946

As one of the hidden gems located 20 minutes west of Cheyenne, Curt Gowdy gives trail runners the opportunity to avoid concrete paths and switch it up for scenic trails. Do proceed with caution though as many species call Gurt Cowdy home and may not take lightly to unwanted guests. Curt Gowdy resides at well over 8,000ft in elevation so do be prepared to be left breathless from both the views and lack of useable oxygen. You will have to pay a fee to enter the park with WY residents getting a discounted price as compared to any out of state visitor.


Vedauwoo Recreation Area



Foot of the Rockies
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